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The School of Art and the College of Liberal Arts jointly hold the Academic Forum on "Cultural Heritage Protection and Cultural Identity"
Writer: Reviewer: 陈恺恺 Time:2019-01-08

In order to study and deepen the study of cultural heritage protection and cultural identity theory, the School of Art and the College of Liberal Arts jointly held the Academic Forum on “Cultural Heritage Protection and Cultural Identity” on December 1, 2018.

The academic forum was divided into two sessions in the afternoon and afternoon. A total of eight guests gave a special academic speech. At the beginning of the forum, Vice President Zhang Jijian came to the site and gave a welcome speech. In the first morning of the morning, Professor Zhang Tongbiao from the Art School of East China Normal University first gave a lecture on "Cultural Heritage and Grand Art". The second was presented by Professor Lin Yinyin from the Hong Kong Design Institute. "Design with Empathy: instil empathetic sensitivity culture in design" The third lecture was a lecture by Professor Han Gengeng, the editor-in-chief of Jianghai Academic Journal, on the "How Can the Chinese School Be Possible"; the fourth lecturer of the Palace Museum, Zhang Hongwei, gave a lecture on "The Protection and Utilization of the Forbidden City Heritage and the Study of Art History". In the fifth session, Professor Wei Jie from the School of Design of Jiangnan University brought a special lecture on "Aromatic Static Burning - Research on the Design of Tang and Song Dynasties". In the sixth game of the afternoon, Professor Zheng Jiewen from Shandong University gave a special speech on "The Influence of the Two Cultural Systems of Pre-Qin on the Formation, Trend and Destiny of Three Major Traditional Chinese Studies". The seventh lecture by Professor Zhou Jianzhong of Nantong University, "Confucian Connotation and Traditional Cultural Characteristics of Orchids". The eighth session was a lecture by Professor Cao Hong of Nanjing University on "Chinese Prose and Confucian Feelings".

Chinese cultural heritage contains the unique spiritual values, ways of thinking, and imagination of the Chinese nation. It embodies the vitality and creativity of the Chinese nation. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of all nations and the treasure of all human civilization. Therefore, we should always remember the culture of protection. The importance of heritage, the protection of cultural heritage, and the protection of the inheritance of national culture are important cultural foundations that link national emotional bonds, promote national unity and safeguard national unity and social stability, and safeguard the world's cultural diversity and creativity and promote the common development of mankind. premise.

The great value of Chinese 5,000-year cultural heritage, the public welfare of cultural preservation activities and its high cultural spirit and moral content allow people to know themselves from a higher level of renewal, to know the land that raised us, and to know us. The nation and the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation have made our lives more meaningful, more colorful, more energetic and more confident. Eight high-quality keynote speeches, sharing the latest research concepts and research results, strengthening theoretical dialogue and academic exchanges, and leading participants to a culture and art based on research on cultural assets and cultural identity feast.

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